Alma de Ace’s Top 5 items this month

Introducing Alma de Ace’s top 5 items.

This will be the first month we start our Alma’s top 5 items post. Each month we will be posting a blog with 5 items that we believe are ones to add to your shopping wish list, either for future purchasing or just as a brand to keep an eye on. Prices will vary each month on the items we select. We won’t be posting the prices as we want you to be able to enjoy the look of each item without being put off by its price tag, labelling etc. It’s all about discovering new brands to follow and items that you may have never come across before. So let’s start things off in no particular order.

  1. Aimé leon Dore. – SS Home Crest Tee

Link to buy: Click Here

Created in 2014, Aimé Leon Dore is a lifestyle, sport and ready-to-wear brand based out of Queens, New York. With a strong focus on simple yet powerful design, they are driven to create timeless work by portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely our own.


Their latest release on their Home Crest Tees is something we just couldn’t risk leaving out. Without telling you the price, just admire their eye-catching colour palette on these 100% cotton combed jersey Tees. You would just want all of them! With a clean and minimal look, these Tees would go well with any pair of jeans, and a thicker neck and feel make a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Our favourite would have to be the light grey look.


2. Oliver Cabell – Low 1 Off-White shoe

Buy Link: Click Here

Oliver Cabell — the independent footwear brand — was built on the converging disciplines of art, craft, and technology. They hand make sneakers using old-school techniques coupled with the latest technology, then offer them to you, minus the markups.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 14.43.38.jpg

Everybody loves a white sneaker, and quite frankly you can’t go wrong with them with whatever you wear. The one problem is finding a pair that not everyone has. There’s nothing worse than walking around seeing half of your mates wearing those white Stan Smiths or saving up to buy the common projects for their gold foil bar code on the side. Yes they’re well made, reliable and the quality is second to none (especially common projects) but you need something that sets you apart without breaking the bank. With Oliver Cabell, I reckon it’s the perfect mix. With the off-white sole giving that retro touch it will work well as an everyday shoe but also one that can look smart when out in the evening. The small detailing with their logo on the tongue and back add to the clean white Italian calfskin leather. We aren’t going to give the price away, but have a look on their website and you’ll see what we mean.


3. Friday On My Mind – Shirts

Shop Link – Website 

Friday On My Mind is your go-to destination for a unique look.  Stand out in style with our curated selection of beautiful vintage shirts for Men & Women sourced from all over the world.


Something a little less minimal and more out there are vintage shirts from FOMM. These guys are nestled among the various other pop-ups at Boxpark Shoreditch and are nailing it with their wide range of vintage shirts. They get new stock in on a weekly basis from around Europe. If you’re looking to get a few shirts with a bit of colour out there, then check their website out or pop over to Boxpark and see what they have on offer that week.


4. MKI – Curved peak ball cap

Buy Link – Click Here

Vik Tailor opened the first MKI MIYUKI ZOKU concept store in Leeds back in 2010 with the aim to introduce new styles and designers to the city’s style cognoscenti. Since then, the brand has shifted from curation to creation with its collections of men’s clothing gaining an international following. The name itself is Japanese and stems from a sixties subcultural tribe known as the MIYUKI-ZOKU, which consisted of American Ivy-League style obsessives whose devotion to elegant and cutting-edge casualwear still serves as inspiration to label.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 15.09.31.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 15.09.42.jpg

It can be so hard finding the right cap these days. Some are snapback, some of the peaks are too curved or too flat. This cap has the perfect curve on it with a nice relaxed fit along with the snapback at the back. The little detail of the logo embroidered at the front adds to the navy blue feel and look of the cap. It’s one of those items that doesn’t stand out too much and can go with any look. Great one for the collection.

5. Alma de Ace – Embroidered Flag t-shirt

Buy Link: Click Here

New to our website this month is our embroidered centre flag logo. This was a one-off release with limited quantities. It’s clean and simple with a touch of colour popping out with our recognisable two-tone colours. This T-shirt is the perfect white Tee to wear alongside any bomber jacket giving that central focus of our flag logo but at the same time keeping the look minimal with no wording around the item.


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