Alma de Ace YouTube channel – 1.3million views

Hi Guys,

If you didn’t know by now, well you’re missing out on something special! We’ve been running our Youtube channel since the first day Alma de Ace was born, showcasing the best upcoming artists and songs to sort your day out whether it’s at the office, the beach or just chilling at home. With over 3,400 subscribers and over 1.3 million plays it’s safe to say that everyone loves a bit of Alma to guide them through the day!
The reason for starting this channel goes back to the start of Alma when we didn’t have any content to post and when our clothes were being produced for the first time. It gave our fans something else to engage in and enjoy. Hopefully, we can keep this one going for now and keep everyone happy with our choices in tracks without getting shut down like the last channel (due to big record labels getting greedy!)
If you haven’t subscribed already, take a listen to a few of the tracks below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for regular Alma love!
Here are two of our favorites with a WORK playlist below for all you stuck at the office.


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