ALMA MEETS: Victor Hernandez


This time we met up with Victor Hernandez from Montreal, Canada. Victor gives us a unique experience through the eyes of a lens. He enjoy’s pushing the limits of creativity in every way possible and we were very lucky to have him shoot for us in Canada over christmas.

Instagram 17K Followers: @VICTORHERNANDEZM 



1.Using 3 words describe yourself ?

Humble Patient Creative

2. What first drew you to photography?

I really dont know, since I was young I’ve always been taking pictures in our family trips or holidays with my fathers camera, I’ve always owned a camera. I think its important to have pictures in a album and not on a old cellphone.

3. What inspires and excites you?

Creating new things, seeing pictures from a different eye (angle).

4. If you weren’t a photographer what would you be doing instead?

I really dont know, something where I create stuff with my hands.

5. What’s the best part about being a photographer?


6.Favorite piece from Alma de Ace?

Striped Hoodie of course !!

7.Favorite Holiday destination?

I stay in my hometown Montreal, having a christmas and new years eve without Snow its just too weird for me.

8.What’s your favorite brand at the moment?

I like fashion a lot, i wear pretty much anything.

9.Any exciting projects coming up?

Working right now with a sports wear company from Canada named Rise. Very exciting to be part of the team, you better watch out for these guys! Remember the name.

10. What do you see yourself doing 5 years from

now ?

Commercial Photographer, everything I know about photography, i’ve learn it on my own, In January I will start school on a Commercial Photography program.


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