From a very young age, Joseph (aka Joey London) has had three strong interests; Culture, Art and Fashion. Creativity is something that is incorporated into his everyday routine, and has become part of the fabric that weaves his projects together. is the platform for all of Joseph’s current projects, and you can find a load of different material, including; fashion blogging, travel posts and anything cool!

Instagram 15k Followers: @joeylondonstyle


What’s the biggest brand you’ve worked with?


 What first drew you to blogging?

Not quite sure to be fair, just wanted a place to put up some cool material & my girlfriend mentioned why not start a blog, the rest is history ha.

 What inspires and excites you?

Traveling! Finding amazing places to shoot!

 If you weren’t a blogger what would you be doing instead?

Not quite sure to be fair, maybe youtube?

 Favourite piece from Alma de Ace?

Pink swim shorts ha!

 Favourite place in London

I don’t really have a favourite place to be fair, although I am always fascinated being in Canary Wharf.

 What’s your favorite brand at the moment?

Reiss, all day every day!

 Any exciting projects coming up?

Might do, all to be revealed shortly! (sorry haha!)

 What’s your perfect weekend?

Getting a good workout in at the morning, maybe spend the day in westend and head out to a bar with mates later, then on Sunday, just get a dominos and be lazy haha.

 What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?

Ideally I’d like to be blogging still, maybe branching out into a few other things, Youtube, creating some products and just travelling. I am very happy doing what I do now so I just want to keep that up for the time being!

Instagram: @joeylondonstyle  Twitter: @joeylondonstyle

Facebook: Joey London  Website:

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