ALMA MEETS: Marc Hayden

We were very lucky to have Marc shoot for us this coming winter for our exclusive bomber jackets. The photos turned out to be something else with his unique touch giving it that Marc Hayden style we all love! He’s building up a strong following on social media too!

Instagram 57K Followers: @marchayden

Using 3 words describe yourself ?

Determined, ambitious, and creative.

 What first drew you to photography?

Instagram, and how easy it was to use with an iphone to make decent images.

What inspires and excites you?

 Decent human beings, creative people, colour, good design, and the thought of making more and more images with new faces and emerging brands.

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be doing instead?

Deperately trying to make a living out of playing the guitar.

What’s the best part about being a photographer?

 Creating something, and working for yourself. I did a 9 to 5 for over 10 years and now I cant imagine doing it ever again.

 Favourite piece from Alma de Ace?

 Suede bomber jacket!

Favourite Holiday destination?

LA or Capetown

What’s your favorite brand at the moment?

Ive always loved Stussy, but I’m a huge All Saints fan.

 Any exciting projects coming up?

 Everyday is an exciting project in itself hahahaha.

What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now ?

Shooting the front cover for Vogue, and shooting the latest Calvin Klein and All Saints campaigns.

Marc’s: Website   Instagram: @marchayden

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